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Happpy Essay

  • Submitted by: myanicole
  • on June 2, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Mya Alvey

How to write a song on the piano. theres a lot of ways to write it.

Use different chords and find a correct rhythm. If you don't want a completely accurate composition, create a song randomly without a firm beat. If you do want a rhythm, you are better off using a metronome, these can keep you to the correct beat whilst telling you what the time is. If you really need help, listen to a song, and do something similar with different notes, beats, rhythm and remember to always stay creative!

Create a blank music staff by just using a ruler. Draw five lines, then another set of five lines below for your left hand. You can also download it but if you do this or draw the staff (the five lines that you write music on), your staff should look like the image provided.

Slowly play the piece of music you have played on your piano again, and write down each note on the score. A standard one beat note should look like the image provided. If you play to the left of the middle C (or with your left hand normally), these notes will go in your bass clef, this is the bottom set of lines that begins with the C looking shape.The length of notes are written differently, and need concentration, but once you have got the hang of it, it'll become easy. A Link for lengths of notes is in the Tips box.

Start with the melody. The melody is the tune of the song, if there are words, the singer sings the melody, which is your right hand on the piano. This is what gets you started on the piece. Ask yourself these: What's it about? Is there a mood? Is there a message, like love, summer, or sadness? Keep these in mind throughout your song because it's the main focal point

After the second time you play the exact same melody, it should change a bit for the third time.this is called variation. It starts to get repetitive and boring when you play the same melody over and over again, so change it slightly. Try swinging the notes,changing the...

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  • Submitted by: myanicole
  • on June 2, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 442 words
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