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Harvard vs Yale Essay

  • Submitted by: agandhi93
  • on February 20, 2013
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Abhik Gandhi
English 101

Harvard vs. Yale
When looking at a college website, what catches your attention that makes it look interesting?   Is it the pictures that stand out or just the name of the college that makes it so respected.   Harvard and Yale are two big Ivy League schools and known worldwide of their name and prestige.   When you look at their website you think, it will be as big as knowing the schools.   Comparing the two schools is very complex, but comparing the college’s website I believe Harvard has won this one.
For targeting the audience for Harvard and Yale of course the answer is their impending students.   It can also be students or adults going for their Masters or Doctorate degree.   Both websites do that targeting their audience, but I consider Harvard over Yale because when you’re looking at the pictures, beside it is the text about that picture and tells you what it’s about, and that really gets your attention.   For Yale it seems there are more text then pictures and telling what it is about instead of showing you it.
The central message I believe for Harvard is telling you what it has stored in for you and there is more than just learning.   With pictures of showing and explaining faculty and students trying to figure out solutions worldwide also leadership in service they give and one main one is expanding knowledge.   For Yale you can’t really tell what the central message is, but looking at some pictures it seems there are lots of tradition and history at Yale.
The visuals for Harvard are very entertaining every time you visit the website you will see a new picture and text next to the picture explaining it.   The background of Harvard’s website is eye catching it is the name of the University in black and fits in with the pictures in a red frame.   Also beneath the pictures is a little slideshow telling Harvard news.   For Yale is not that much that gets your attention.   The website looks very tedious; however there is a...

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