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Heart Essay

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The Heart

I’m the heart which is a muscular organ that is part of the cardiovascular system. My responsibility is for pumping blood around the body.   I’m as big fist and weighs about 250-300 g.   I’m located in the chest between the lungs behind the sternum. On an average human, I would beat 72 per minute and I   can easily pump over 5 liters of blood through the body every minute.
The cardiovascular system consists me, blood vessels, and about 5 liters of blood of blood that the blood vessels transport. Responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and cellar waste products thought out the body, the cardiovascular system is power by the body’s hardest –working organ.
When you are looking at me, it is important to remember that the left and right sides are reverse. The right side of me deals with deoxygenated blood, and pumps it into the lungs. The left of me deals with oxygenated blood and pumps it all around the entire body. I’m divided into four chambers. The bottom chambers are the left and right ventricle, which contains trabecular carneae that is part of the conductive system of the heart. On the other hand, the two upper chambers are the left and right atrium, which receives blood from major veins. In, addition, the septum separates me from the left and right side.
I am protected by a membrane called the pericardium. There are three layers, which make up the walls of me the outer layer is the epithelial tissue, the middle layer is the cardiac muscle and the inner layer is connective tissue.
I as the heart can have a disease called heart disease. It’s a disorder of the blood vessels in me that can lead to a heart attack. The risk of heart attacks is when smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, over weight/ obesity, physical inactivity, and diabetes.  
I heard that you are firing people so please don’t fire me because I have a big part in the human body. I pump blood and I have tree layers of protection. Even through, I can...

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