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Hellenistic Sculpture Essay

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  • on February 21, 2013
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Hellenistic sculptures

When I learnt the art of ancient Greece and the Aegean world, I was so attracted by the fabulous marble statues and ancient architectures. I couldn’t help praising those fabulous art works. Luckily, I study in New York. I have so many opportunities to get closed to those works. I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and wanted get deeper impression about ancient Greek art- Hellenistic art.
On the page 131 of our textbook, there are two pictures, one is the marble statue of Aphrodite of Melos, and one is the marble statue of market woman. The Aphrodite of Melos is one of the most famous pieces in the world. In the Metropolitan museum, I saw another beautiful statue of Aphrodite; it is a copy of a Greek statue of the 3rd or 2nd century B.C. At first, I got a little confused about her gesture and facial expressions. After reading the description, I found that the statue shows the surprise of Aphrodite when she was having bath. Her arms should cover her breast and pubis. Her head slightly turns and her body movement is so natural. You can see a little shyness and embarrassing feeling according her face. For another piece, Market woman, I saw the Greek copy of second century in the museum. I still can tell my feeling when I first saw the statue. It is a really old woman with so many winkles on her face, lifts a basket without arms. And I can even guess her age from her gesture cause her body movement seems a little bit slowly. But why does the sculptors make a statue like this? I mean, I can understand the purpose of making Aphrodite, however, what is the reason of making a sculpture like this? I searched on website, it is said, “During the Hellenistic period, artists became concerned with the accurate representation of childhood, old age, and even physical deformity. The range of subject matter was extended to include genre-like figures from the fringes of society. Fine, large-scale statues of fishermen, peasants, and aged courtesans...

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