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Hemingway - After the Storm Essay

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  • on February 20, 2014
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Analysis of “After the storm” by Ernest Hemingway – 1932

The story was published in 1932 and written by Ernest Hemingway. The story is a typical Hemingway story. The title of the story, tells the reader what the story is about, and what to expect, and then he always succeed in surprising the reader by twisting the story.

The story is written with a first person narrator, which gives the reader a feeling of being a part of the story as it goes on.   He uses “I wonder, I know, I slipped” and “I never got a nickel out of her” which tells the reader, that the story is told by the main character’s point of view.   It's his feelings we feel with him, we share his thoughts, pains and happiness. This is a common way to write, because it often catches the readers attention, since the reader gets to feel the same things as the character and as explained above you follow every step of the narrators steps and thoughts. While when a story is written with omniscient narrator, or third person narrator,   you often just hear whats been said and done, and you see it from different point of views, which doesn't make it a poorer told story, but it can be confusing and not as catchy as the first person narrator.

A little summary of the story:

It starts with a fight out in the streets, in the middle of the night. The main character is about to choke, because his opponent is holding both hands on his throat and kneeling on his chest. He is fighting to get the knife out of his pocket, and when he does, he cuts   the arm of his opponent, and he can breathe again. He ran off out in the dark streets. (This is where the first point of no return enters). He meets a guy down by the docks, who told him that a guy had been murdered in the streets. He panicked, because he thought it was the guy he sliced open, who had died. He found a boat, and sailed of.

When he was out on the open sea, he noticed a lot of birds in one place, he thought about the fact, that he never had seen so many...

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