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Hemingway (Point of View) Essay

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  • on June 2, 2014
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6 March 2014
Point of View as a Literary Device

All stories, plays, movies, and novels have a narrator, otherwise know as the person who is telling the story. The narrator walks the reader or viewer through the action, setting, and plot developments through their words. The way in which the narrator tells a story is called the point of view, and this encompasses word tense and who exactly is telling the story. In this research paper we will be discussing the point of view as it is used in narration and also how the point of view effects the narrative structure in the novel “A Farewell to Arms” by none other than Ernest Hemingway. We will also be distinguishing between the first-person point of view and the third-person point of view as used in narratives.   By the end of this research paper, we will see how point of view is used in literary works to convey the plot to the audience, and how it determines who's perspective the story will be told.

The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms defines point of view as the position or vantage-point from which the events of a story seem to be observed and presented to us. The point of view of a story, play, or movie is usually the starting point to telling the reader or viewer how to see the action. The author of a story makes decisions to communicate to the reader on how to present characters, situations and events that can impact the plot development. They choose a specific point of view for the impact it will have on the audience. The author has a few choices when it comes to how they want to present the view to the audience, but that choice is never random. We will now discuss the two main points of view that authors use to convey their story to the reader or viewer; first person point of view and third person point of view.

When one talks about the first person point of view they are talking about telling the story themselves using the pronoun, I or we. Basically, if the person telling the story is yourself,...

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