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Hero Essay

  • Submitted by: yingtongwu
  • on February 26, 2014
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Hero , is a person we admired a lot and who acted as a model to us. To me, I considered doctors are my hero because doctors are the people who work so hard, help people and save so many lives.

The road to become a real resident is long and arduous, most of them probably spent 7-10 years in the medical school, read several dozens of book, do many reaserches and then spend 2 -3 years to go through their intership and finally become a resident. This process requires great concentration and perserverance that not everyone could do like that. So I really admire those docters.

Futhermore, during a big surgery, doctors have to be in the operation room for about 10 to 20 hours without a long break. So Working overnight is often the case with them. and there are always need a doctor to stay in the emergency room for a whole night, in case that some patients might came to hopital at night. so their time spent with family is short. They knows there is nothing more incumbent on them than saving lives.

Moreover, there is an organization called “doctor without borders”,t his organization is non- profit organization which means doctors will not get high pay like in the hospital. And most of them were volunteered to be allocated to undeveloped country like south africa where medical equipment are in extremly shortage. or to be distributed to battle filelds to help injured soldiers. Their temporary operation rooms are simple and they just live together with soldires. Now , the member of this organization has been mounted to 3.3million doctos. I really appreciate their devotion for their occupation.

In short, I believes doctor is the most sacred occupation in the world and they are my heros.

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