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Hey There Essay

  • Submitted by: Amarsh1
  • on June 2, 2014
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its a blha Ralston frees himself on Thursday, 1 May 2003, at 11:34 A.M. Mountain Standard Time. He wraps the stump of his arm and takes a picture of the boulder that trapped him as he leaves it behind. He then makes his way out of the canyon, where he is forced to rappel down a 65-foot rockface and hike several miles before, exhausted and covered in blood, he finally runs into a family on a day hike. The family sends for help and Ralston is picked up by a Utah Highway Patrol helicopter, leaving his cap and one of his shoes behind.

The film ends with shots of Ralston from his life after his ordeal — including several of Ralston's further adventures in climbing and mountaineering, which he continued following the accident — and of the real Aron Ralston with his wife, Jessica, whom he met three years later, and their son, Leo, born in 2010. A title card that appears before the closing credits says that Ralston now always leaves a note whenever he goes anywhere alone.

In an alternate ending, Ralston travels via helicopter to a small hospital where he is treated for his injuries, and speaks with his mother for the first time since leaving to Utah. After leaving, he visits his ex-girlfriend Rana, and they talk about the state of their relationship, and he realizes that his son he saw in the canyon will not be hers. The film ends with the same title cards as the original ending.bkha a a

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