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Hire Friends Essay

  • Submitted by: SedTruong1
  • on February 21, 2014
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Topic: Food and drink
As long as you live on the Earth, your needs of food and drink increase. So that food and drink are very important with our life. For an example, you can’t stay alive if you live without food for about two months and you can’t hang on with no drink for two weeks. That is the truth. You can’t sit before me if you haven’t eaten any food or drunk any drink since you were born.
But how to use food and drink well? First, let have a look about kinds of food and drinks.
Let’s start with the drinks. There are three kinds of drink. Soda helps you to leave your thirst after playing sport. But they have a lot of unhealthy sugars and cafein. Your teeth can be destroyed. You will get fat easily. Soda makes your bones weaker. Your body’s hormone will be decreased. All of those disadvantages will happen if you drink too much soda.
Let’s start with the second kind: cafe, wine and beer. Wine and beer share a name of “alcohol”. They are very poisonous with human, especially the liver. If you drink too much alcohol, you will be drunk. You can’t control yourself. This leads to traffic accidents. You can hardly keep your body out of sex if you are drunk and you can be an HIV-AIDS patient. But what about cafe? I think that this question is currently in your head. The disadvantages of cafe is the most dangerous disadvantages I have ever known. Cafe makes your liver works worse. Your heart has to work harder if you drink cafe. Your bone can be weaker if you drink too much cafe. Cafe gives you a lot of headaches. It makes you not to sleep well.
All the others is good for you. Just drink as much as you can.
What about food? They are divided into 2 parts : Fast and slow food.
Fast food is the food that you need just a little time to eat. They are hambergers, hotdogs,... They are very good for someone that is very busy because they doesn’t have anytime to eat. But with children and teenagers, they are addictful. Children and teenagers who is...

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