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History 200 Essay

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  • on February 18, 2014
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The complexity of the political, economic, and social structure reflected in the southern part of American, complicates the differentiation between patriarchy and paternalism. However, we find certain elements that allow us to delineate differences between these two terms. The main differences are founded in the type of relationship between the elite and those who are under its dominion, and the power of the state to protect the economic system of the region.
The elite class had to take different roles within its area of power. They had to play the role of ownership, Father, Husband and Slaveholders. This was not easy for this privileged class. We can say that they should have the ability to handle different situations that involved each role.
Paternalism was present in the relationship between man and his wife and other members of the family. Of course the relationship between family members was characterized by sentimentalism. In this sense, we can say that intimacy and close contact relationship were inherent in paternalism. In contrast, we can see that the monarchy was present in the owner-slave relationship and the protection of property and production of tobacco as well. The relationship between owner and slave was impersonal. The white man wielded power and authority to control not only the production, but also the behavior of slaves and servants. A clear example can be seen in the document entitled "Southern Planter William Byrd Describes His Views toward Learning and His Slaves". It is ironic to see the patriarchal relationship he had with his wife and God and, on the other hand, to see the cruel treatment toward his slaves. Apparently William Byrd was described as a man with deep religious belief but in turn he showed hostility and cruel punishment to slaves. Maybe that was a normal behavior in the political and social structure present in the region. We see that the white man in his different roles played a patriarchal and monarchical pattern....

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