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History Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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Black like me is about A guy named John Howard Griffin who changes his skin black so he could know what a black man had to go through in the deep south during the 1950's. He is disguised as a black man for three weeks having to deal with many difficult things.
He had to deal with walking for miles to get simple things like water or a bathroom. A constant struggle to find a job and place to sleep . After three weeks he decided he was going to switch back and forth everyday from black to white.
He did this for another three weeks while interveiwing black leaders in Atlanta. He then published his book Black Like Me. After his book was published John at first got a lot of complaments and thanks but later the tension built.

John H. Griffin's Black Like Me is a very touching book. The book taught me that there are people out there that do care about to struggles that the blacks in America went through. The book is a real life experiences that the author John Griffin went through. Griffin in the book for six long weeks transforms himself into a black man, to see how it really fells to be a Negro in the 50's. Griffin's writing is filled with interesting information especially because he is showing different struggles that black men were dealing with at the time. In Black Like Me the story takes place in Texas. Griffin talks about how he traveled from many states. For six weeks the Griffin, who is from Texas, hitchhikes, walks, or takes a busses through the streets of four other Southern
States Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia.
What I like about the book is that Griffin sets out on a personal quest to discover what it is really like to be a Negro. He knows sees how, many freedoms and rights that he had as a privileged white are now forbidden to him. He also encounters many racial issues that exist between whites and Negroes. This was an interesting part of the book because Griffin is know just getting to see what it is really like being...

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