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History of Polish Essay

  • Submitted by: snn123456
  • on June 2, 2014
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Class 10
Trey (Shi Nannan)
#Polish #
MGMT 440
Prof. Qadir Mohiuddin
May 29, 2014
The History of Polish
  Polish is one significant part of European language and is the second largest language branch of Slavonic language family. It derives from the Indo-European about 5000 to 4000 years ago and developed Balto-Slavic languages. After 500 years, the Balto-Slavic languages separated from each other. And for the next 1500 years, the Slavic language evolved parallel to the Greek, Latin, Celtic, Germanic, and other languages. Even though Latin has been a considerable influence on Polish, it is not at its foundation as it is for many Western European languages. This means that much of the vocabulary, grammatical constructions and sounds are deeply different than English-speakers are used to. Actually many Western European languages have influences on the formation of Polish during the following 1500 years.
Poles rightly satisfy themselves on their wonderful cultural and literary achievements. After twenty years of incredible changes and reforms following the end of Communism, Poland and Central Europe as a whole are dynamic and diverse again. The country's political, economic and cultural strength offers exciting and hopeful opportunities to graduates with a degree in Polish because the number of linguists falls short of the number which is needed in 2004.
The Polish language could be viewed as having suffered through frequent historical changes of the country’s borders and decades of regulation by foreign empires. However, these pressures on Polish nationhood have refreshed the language as it became a channel of expressing feelings and thoughts of Polishness. Today, Polish literary heroes are honored as guardians of Polish culture and language, for example, the statues of the poet Adam Mickiewicz on Polish streets. The early part of the nineteenth century also saw the first major Polish dictionary (Dictionary of the Polish Language – Słownik języka...

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