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History of the West Essay

  • Submitted by: matt610
  • on June 2, 2014
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Complexion – one of 4 fluids overpowering other humor
4 fluids:
-phlegm phlegmatic
-blood sanguine
-black bile melancholic
-yellow bile choleric

Complexion, developing a bad habit, one of these happens to a man and colors his character. 1 flaw that destroys their being

Hamlet’s strength is his indecisiveness. Without it there is no play.

Act 1 Scene 1-
Horatio, skeptic and scholar, witnesses ghost.
Scene 2-
King gives recount of what has happened: brother died, married his wife. King want what he has done to seem normal/virtuous than it would otherwise. King uses rhetoric as his tool – metaphors, alliteration, poetry, making sense out of what is normally not sensible.

*throughout play Shakespeare reminds us that we are watching a play. A play about the necessity of acting

King welcomes Hamlet as a son – Hamlet says more than kin, less than kind. Hamlet speaks of real sorrow.* Hamlet grieves over the loss of his father and the behavior of his mother.

Scene 3
Hamlet sees ghost, goes with it and speaks to him. Ghost is in purgatory and seeking revenge/justice

“To be, or not to be” speech, and Act 5
what has changed Hamlet to the point of action?

-Bacon, Locke, Pascal, Descartes

Reason DescartesScience and Math Bacon

Locke experiences, how do we know physical world exists

Descartes- much of what we do is based on tradition
What’s the right way to think about things
He admired how everything in geometry gets proven.
A kindergartner knows as much about 2+2 as anyone else
Before he can do science he needs a certain philosophy. He begins to doubt
1st Principle – Universal Skepticism
from this he concludes there is one thing he cannot doubt: that he doubts
“I think, therefore I am.”
Nothing in our surroundings makes us more real
What is the nature of this “I”?

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