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Holocust Paper

  • Submitted by: farmen19
  • on February 20, 2014
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Fabian Armendariz
Mr. Rodriguez
English 3B
Jun 7, 2012
How much did the Jews suffered during the Holocaust?
The holocaust was one of the most horrifying events that had happened during the 20th century. After WWI ended Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. As I know Hitler was anti-semis he was genocide. “Genocide is the systematic and purposeful destruction of a racial or cultural group. During WWII about 6 million Jews were killed the other 5million were homosexuals, gypsies, and etc. The elements that lead to the Holocaust were totalitarism combined with nationalism, the history of anti- Semitism, Hitler’s belief in the master race, and the Final Solution. Totalitarism centralized control by an autocratic authority and political concept that citizens should be totally subjected. Nationalism is loyalty and devotion to your nation. Anti-Semitism is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic or racial group. The way that the holocaust really started was by the Final Solution. The Final Solution started the Ghettos, concentration camps, transportations, gas chambers, and crematories”. (Jimenez)
During the first year WWII all the Jews were send to live on the ghettos. Ghettos were little area cities were all Jews was forced to live and wear the yellow star and yellow arm band. The food rations and living conditions were very poor. Some examples of the main ghettos were the Warsaw Lodz and Kovno ghettos. In the ghettos the Germans took away gold fur and other valuable things. They killed many Jews if they didn’t give their stuff they also killed them if they hid or smuggle food. When I returned to the ghetto I found out that my mother and older sister had been killed. The Germans demanded that the Judenrat collect gold and furs from the people in the ghetto. When they asked my mother for jewelry and furs, she said she had none. So they shot her and my older sister too. My father was killed in April 1942. He went to buy bread from...

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