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How Chinese Company Achieve Excellence in Electronics Industry Essay

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The electronics industry is one of the most fluid and thus most appealing for study. It is still nascent, emerged in the 20th Century and grown by leaps and bounds since then. Today the industry is a major contributor to countries GDP and job creation. Chinese enterprises have become a force in the global consumer electronics market, many already have a global brand visibility.   This paper aims to examine the catalysts behind the vertical take-off of the electronic industry in China which attracted the attention of the international community. The main method to be used is the analysis of texts in regards to the advancement of China in this industry. In doing so, it shall study the past, present and future drivers of growth of this industry. One finding is that innovation and individual enterprise have played a key role in this hasty growth. The recommendation is to support budding innovators so that their ideas leave the drawing board for the factory floor.
Key words: Electronics industry; Innovation; Individual enterprise; China

The global electronics industry is currently positioned in or around China. This has not been its traditional home. Instead, global economic shifts have dictated that the East is currently the engine of growth for the electronics industry and by extension the global economy. The most commonly cited causes are the low costs of production, largely attributable to cheap labor. However, this does not tell the full story. Low costs alone would not have caused the huge shifts witnessed in the industry. Instead, a confluence of several favorable factors should be applied in practice to achieve this. Some examples are safety, quality, environmental management and organizational management. A curious mixture of these factors would result in a winning formula for the Chinese electronics industry. Whether or not this...

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