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How Does an Ice Cube Melt ? Essay

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  • on February 23, 2013
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Below is an essay on "How Does an Ice Cube Melt ?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How does an ice cube melt?
An ice cube can change state from a SOLID to LIQUID, to a GAS. In order for an ice cube to change state, it goes through different processes.
An ice cube can change from a solid to a liquid by MELTING. In order for an ice cube to melt, it needs to be kept in a warm place for the ice to change state, after the ice melts, it changes into water.
The water can change state into gas by EVAPORATION. If more heat is given to the water, say by warming it in a pan, the water molecules move even faster. Given enough heat, they will move so quickly that they escape from the surface of the water altogether. The water boils, turning into gas known as water vapour. The reason liquids evaporate is that some of the molecules inside them are moving faster than others. The fastest of all have enough energy to escape from the liquid, even though the temperature may be well below the boiling point.
To get the gas back into a liquid, it needs to be condensed. The opposite of boiling is CONDENSATION (Boiling point is 100 degrees). This happens when molecules of gas start to stick together and form droplets of liquid. When water in a pan boils, for example, it turns to water vapour, which is an invisible gas. But almost immediately the water vapour condenses into tiny droplets in the air, which we call steam.
Lastly, to get a liquid back to a solid, it simply needs to be FROZEN, (freezing point is 0 degrees) this can happen but putting the liquid in cold place for example a freezer where the temperature is below 0 degrees in order for it to change back to its original state.
Kinetic energy it is the energy that affects motion of particles, which are atoms and molecules. The total kinetic energy of the particles in a substance is called thermal energy.

A solid can change state into a liquid by sublimation, this happens when the pressure increases or decreases by a vast amount.

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