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How Is Tension Formed Essay

  • Submitted by: etsoukkas
  • on March 2, 2014
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How do writers create tension?
Writers use tension a lot when writing novels. This keeps their story exciting and compelling. If everything was always very predictable and there was never any suspense, nobody would read it.
There are many ways in which writers create tension, some build it up faster, and some slower, so they use them accordingly. One of the ways they create tension is the use of long sentences. This builds suspense, because the writer can leave the majority of the shock until the end of the sentence. This means that the reader can tell something is coming, but has to keep reading until the end to find out what it is. The length of the sentences make the reader slow down their pace, which makes them feel nervous and uneasy. The long sentences also makes the reader impatient as they want to know what is going to happen, therefore it creates tension. You could give a list of worrying or fearful things in the story which will give the reader an overwhelming or claustrophobic feel. However, the use of short sentences is also very effective, particularly if it follows on from a longer sentence. Punchy and short sentences can tell the reader a fact, but nothing else about it. For example if in a story one of the characters shouts ‘Oh no!’ we can tell that something is worrying them, or has made them feel uneasy, but we don’t know what. This makes us want to read on further, and because most people are impatient, this speeds up the rate at which the reader is reading! A faster pace in a story gives a more urgent feel to it, therefore creating tension. Short sentences also mean that a lot of things happen in a short amount of time. This makes the reader take in more ideas in less time, meaning the pace is sped up.
Fragmentation or incomplete sentences is another technique. It gives a sense of confusion and mystery as the facts aren’t all clear to the reader. It makes the reader confused as they don’t know everything that is going on, and so they...

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