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How to Achieve Happinesss Through Soda Essay

  • Submitted by: redbird0218
  • on February 20, 2014
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Below is an essay on "How to Achieve Happinesss Through Soda" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Kwong 1 ! Fiona Kwong Professor Kraemer Eng 303 28 January 2014 How to Achieve Happiness through Soda Everyone has probably seen the seasonal Coca-Cola commercials with the Polar Bears during Christmas. These celebrated commercials are simply sweet on the surface and incredibly clever in their delivery, appealing to both the audiences’ logic of the situations they offer (by presenting an imaginative scenario that is unlikely to occur in reality), and to the audiences’ happiness based upon their product: the unfailing smile that the broadcasting of these timeless commercials faithfully deliver to viewers is sure to guarantee an increased amount of Coca-Cola or Coke drinkers. These commercials present a perfect example of a rhetorical situation, which Keith Grant-Davie explains in “Rhetorical Situations and their Constituents”, as “a situation where a writer or speaker sees a need to change reality, and sees that change may be effected through rhetorical discourse” (265). These commercials display definite exigence, rhetor, audience, and constraint, which will be examined throughout this discussion. One of the many Coca-Cola commercials that were broadcasted is “The Penguin Party”, which provides a classic story of curiosity getting the best of us, as three Polar Bears venture off to find the source of Christmas music echoing across the snowy horizon. Their answer is a mass of Emperor Penguins dancing to the Beach Boys’ Christmas classic “Little Saint Nick.” In this scenario, the Bears have now become the “audience” in the rhetorical situation; the Penguins have become the “rhetor” providing the context (which is the party taking place with, of course,

Kwong 2 ! thousands of bottles of Coke to enjoy as they dance) and the exigence, or a problem that calls for a solution, could be interpreted as (1) the disruption of the Polar Bears’ sleep, (2) the disturbance of the party by means of the youngest bear accidentally sliding into the fun - which can also be...

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