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How To Write a Good Essay.

  • Submitted by: jcartermad
  • on December 6, 2011
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Below is a free excerpt of "How To Write a Good Essay." from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Subject: A guide to writing a good essay.

John Andrew Carter.


Writing a good essay is a skill that is acquired through training rather than one that is taught during a single lesson.

This paper is designed to introduce students to basic rules and formatting of writing an essay. It is intended to provide students a better understanding of the concepts in preparing to write an essay to the final draft approval and printing. This paper is intended as a guide rather than a ridged template.

All the views expressed are solely those of the writer with no reference to other sources. Given the nature of this work and originality, there is no bibliography.  

The use of the word “essay” is intended to cover all forms of academic writing assignments. It will include critics of literature, scientific findings, dissertations or business related reports. The term “essay” is, therefore, wide ranging and should be thought of as inclusive of all written material.

This essay will describe the general issues that go on to create a “good essay” and will include sections upon:-

  * The key stages to writing an essay.
  * The preparation and research needed to gather the relevant material.
  * Flow-charts of essay writing principals.
  * The pitfalls of not planning before writing.
  *   The planning stages in sequential form to include timeframes, time management and deadlines.
  * Structure and content.
  * The introduction and concluding paragraphs.
  * Proof reading, amendments and final approval.

All the stages will be discussed in greater detail during the main body of the essay. In Section 2 of the essay, the key stages to writing a “good essay,” will be summarised in bullet form and then discussed in detail within other, separate, sections that are specific to the bullet point.

As a separate body of work, a PowerPoint presentation will accompany this paper and will be presented in “lesson format” to students. The...

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