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Hydraulic Fracturing Course Project Essay

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There are many forms of oil drilling but hydraulic fracturing has no grey area, people are either for it or against it and has been an ongoing battle with the industry versus the government. Hydraulic fracturing is a well stimulation process utilized to maximize the potential of the extraction from underground resources which include oil and natural gas. This method of extraction applies pressurized in the form of injection with a mixture of water, chemicals and sand to the underground which breaks up the shale layer allowing natural gas and oil to flow freely from blockage due to being underground. There any many aspects of this industry a company must engage to be successful which includes the processes, effects and legal issues.
There are many numerous obstacles that are involved in hydraulic fracturing that are presented in the process of this drilling. Before the physical process commences the drilling company must obtain leasing and permitting of land in which they will work on. Then they must prepare the land for all the equipment and personal that will be place on the site. Once the rig is set up in place a well is drilled deep into the earth through the layers of sediment, water table and shale formations. According to (Water Shed Council), this well can range from " 1,000 to 12,00 feet"(2013). Once the bore of the well is drilled, the drill is taken out and a steel pipe casing is installed and placed back into the well. Once the casing is set in place cement is dumped around   the case keeping the case in place once it hardens. The method also helps reduce the back flow of the harmful materials that are used.
The next process utilizes stimulation of the shale layer by the hydraulic fracturing. The casing is tactfully placed within a certain area of the well that contains oil or gas so when the fluid in injected it hits the desire target zones. Explosives are dropped into the casing and detonated to create a perforation to allow the fluid to...

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