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Identify the Positioning and Differentiation Strategies for the Product or Service Essay

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Below is an essay on "Identify the Positioning and Differentiation Strategies for the Product or Service" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies for the product or service

      The product differentiation of Starbuck is the new scented candle that is for the incoming holiday season.   This scented candle with the extract of the coffee aromas, teas and so more is in a convenience package, different cup sizes like Tall, Grande and Veinte, and the mug cup size, with the logo of Starbucks in its products.   This is different from the scented regular candles that we can see in the stores like Yankees and others like Bath & Body Works in which its scented candle are in a jar and other sizes; there after the candle and scent is gone the jar is not useful for anything else, unless the whoever buy this product can re-used to put another regular size candles.   Starbuck differentiation in product is that you can keep the cup size or the mug after the candle is already burned, which leaves you with a beautiful coffee cup or mug for you every day coffee.

      According to "Positioning and Differentiation Strategies of Marketing" (1999-2012), “Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, differentiation is one of the generic strategies that a firm can use to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace”. As Starbucks differentiation involves offering something that our direct competitor does not have, and that is Starbuck scented candle in decorative or designed cup have the customer a chance to keep the coffee cup for his or her morning coffee.

      The positioning of this product is the idea to improved not only in sales but to give back to Starbucks loyal customers a little bit of the scent in a candle, and our special designed coffee mug or cup (Starbuck Logo), in which it will look good as a display in your kitchen, or as part of the in-house decoration, and even better to share as a gift to a co-workers, or decorative as well in the office.   The main idea is that Starbucks offer to its customers the aroma of the coffee and other brand...

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