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Illegal Immigration Essay

  • Submitted by: vols158
  • on February 28, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Illegal Immigration" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Illegal Immigration and the Impact on Social Welfare

This study focuses on whether illegal immigration directly impacts social welfare programs in the United States and the ethical considerations for human services professionals when providing services to illegal immigrants.   The research begins with a brief history of immigration and the cost to various services throughout the United States.   To conduct the research for this study, I reviewed information obtained from twelve peer reviewed journal articles to gather relevant data.   I also utilized the text book from this course to provide guidance related to core ethical values for human services workers.   After a review of the data collected, the results are ambiguous as to whether the amount of taxes paid by illegal immigrants offset the amount of welfare services they receive.   Much of the data indicates that the seven states with the highest influx of illegal immigrants are struggling to provide core services in education, welfare, and health care.   The conclusion of this study is that there is no reliable evidence to indicate whether the costs provided to illegal immigrants offsets the taxes generated by illegal immigrants.   The overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants, especially those arriving crossing the border from Mexico, makes it impossible to gather clear-cut data to support either hypothesis.   In order to gather reliable data, a better methodology for gathering statistical information on illegal immigrants would need to be created.

Illegal Immigration and the Impact on Social Welfare
The premise of illegal immigration is a fiercely debated topic in the United States and is often a mainstay topic in political arenas.   Many people see illegal immigration as having a crippling effect on welfare systems throughout the United States while others see immigration as an economic boom and a necessary evil to providing cheap labor to jobs that many Americans simply will not do (Orrenius...

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