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In Dubious Battle Essay

  • Submitted by: goaliess1
  • on February 20, 2014
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Character Analysis
In Dubious battle
In the book “In Dubious battle”, the character Jim Nolan takes us on a journey, leading us throughout the whole book. Jim starts his journey by joining a “party”. He joins the “party” mainly because he wants to escape the life he had before. Jim’s parents both died recently before he made the decision to join the party, his father was killed in a riot. To me Jim’s character is very intellectual as well as brave and courageous. Jim also has a leader like quality in him. Jim wanted to give his life a meaning and he wanted to have a purpose in life. Throughout the story Jim’s life was constantly changing, from being a normal working man to joining this party and trying to fight for a better future for both him and apple pickers all around. Jim’s character is greatly influenced by the character named Mac. Mac led Jim everywhere and taught Jim everything there was to know about being part of the party. Jim so wanted to have a purpose in life and be able to contribute and do something helpful for once in his life. Jim is the one character that would do anything to help someone in need, like in the book how Jim and Mac helped a women give birth, thus creating a friendship and trust with many other characters. A quote that Jim says that I read was, “One must work towards something” this quote that Jim said ,to me means that Jim always needed to work towards something to deserve it and he always did work towards everything to accomplish what needed to be done. The last line of the book that is said by Mac is, “this guy didn’t want nothing for himself—Comrades! He didn’t want nothing for himself –” this line That Mac said about Jim is exactly how to explain Jim because Jim always gave a helping hand and hardly got one in return.

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