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Individual Program Planning Essay

  • Submitted by: fisheagle
  • on February 20, 2014
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Performance Test 1
So You want to Help
Having worked in the field of Disabilities in various areas such as job coaching with higher functioning individuals or at a centre where the clients do work projects in a close environment, I had to ask myself the question many times – what does helping mean to me. How can I help a client to become the best they can be and to reach their full potential with their disability but also looking at their abilities that they can offer. In the disability field there are many different ways of helping: some of the ways are assisting clients in personal care when they can’t do it for themselves, other ways are helping a client complete a craft or puzzle by one on one or hand over hand instruction. Another way is to help a client with a project such as mailing letters; this can involve modeling, instruction and examples. In the workplace it can be to help a client be a success in a workplace by modelling and coaching them in the right way.
Helping for me involved not only the client’s professional life but also the life he lives outside of the centre or work. Knowing what the client interests are, their dreams and goals can help to create a vision board and give the client quality of life in all areas. For example: Client goes to centre during day, evening and weekend they love doing scrapbooking. Assist the client to purchase the material she will need, assist in her project of doing scrapbooking, show everyone when it is done.
Another example in helping people with different abilities is sitting down and doing a vision board with them. I did this with some of my previous clients that worked in a centre, and lived in a group home. Some of her goals were to live on her own, have a job in the community and attend a church. In helping she identifies what her goals were and then starting the steps to get her connected in a church, finding a job in the community and at the end moving into her own apartment was a way to help her. She...

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