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Individual Study Task on Mise-En-Scene Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 American romantic fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. The sequence I’ve chosen is when Peg, a local avon representative first sees Edward and realises that he has scissors for hands and sympathises for him.

In the first shot of my chosen sequence, it has Peg walking towards Edward, who is in a shadow in the corner. The shadow creates a mysterious and depressed atmosphere, and suggests the loneliness Edward feels. The Camera zooms in on Edward as he stands up and starts walking closer. It is very dark, and he is almost unregonisable. The non-diegetic soundtrack gets louder and louder to add tension and drama. The dark colours make it clear to the audience that this film can be quite dark, and is not a normal light and airy romantic fantasy film. When Edwards true identity is revealed, the Camera goes back to Peg, in a medium shot, where she is looking surprised at first, as she feels she is in danger. The medium shot gives the audience a good look at her facial expressions. In this shot you also see how brightly she dressed compared to everything else in the shot. She has a pink hat and suite on, which is the only bright thing in the whole location as the whole scene has a dark/black colour palette in it. Colour using in this shot is symbolic. The whole scene is in a basic tone of black, like Edward himself. Black suggests the loneliness Edward used to have and his monotonous life. Even though Peg is now in the shadow, too, but she is dressed in a light pink suit, a very clear contrast to Edward’s dominant color. This gives us the idea that Peg will bring some “colour” to Edward’s life. And pink is such a warm colour that it seems that it can melt all the sadness and loneliness of Edward’s.

Next is a shot with Edward walking towards Peg saying “don’t go” whilst moving his scissor hands. There is also diegetic sound of the scissors opening and closing. This all brings the audience’s attention straight to...

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