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Industry Analysis

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| Opportunities and Threats |
DEMOGRAPHIC | ● (O) Ethnic group drank the coffee to rise. (Fernau, 2013)       ◌ Hispanic-American drinkers for the last two years, and now ties increases in overall coffee consumption to them: 74 percent of Hispanic-Americans drink coffee daily, a full 12 percentage points ahead of non-Hispanics     Min He |
SOCIO-CULTURAL | ●   (T)   The evolving coffee consumer and ready-to-drink coffee sales are increasing   (Kennedy, 2012)         ◌ Current coffee consumer is to discover the premium coffee and to drink better coffee. 68% of coffee drinkers believe the quality of coffee available in the grocery store or in supermarket is better than it used in coffee shops. And coffee shops’ quality becomes poorer.           ◌   Consumers are passing up their local coffee shops for the nearest grocery store because ready-to –drink coffee are increasing Min He         |
ECONOMIC | ● (T) When the Canada economy slows down. During recessions, production levels decline, many consumers have less money to spend (Anonymous, 2012)         ◌ Current economic realities have also played a role. With sky-high gas prices to contend with, low consumer confidence and tight personal finances, consumers are trying to reduce their spending. One way to do this is by skipping the coffee shop and brewing more coffee at home, so in home –coffee consumption has been steadily climbing in Canada as well as reduce the daily cost.   Min He● (T) )   Global Marketing   Environment impact the coffee shops running   (Ismail, 2011)           ◌ Asian and Russia are increasing importing higher-quality Arabica beans, this has led to the increase in price of Arabica been, affecting many coffee shop increase the cost of coffee   Min He |
TECHNOLOGICAL | ● (O) Embracing modern technology in the coffee shop, it helps to improve the service and customer loyalty, and also can track the customer‘s visit and rewards loyalty to the store. (Herman, 2013)       ◌Customer can use the online café...

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