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Information Technology Essay

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Information Privacy Hurting Society or Not

      Information Privacy Hurting Society or Not

      A review on Social Networking

      Information Technology have been the leading and most trending customs of the 21st century.   People consistently depend on their devices for a number of reasons without completely putting into consideration that their information may be subject to be displayed anywhere in the world. Social networks are the primary websites that have a lot of identification on people and especially their locations. Everyone is well aware of that but only. In today’s generation many kids and teens are using more social networks and hiding it from their parents. That comes to the big question, Social websites are created to meet someone that you don’t know, someone that claims they are compatible with you, how do we know this for sure? Simple the answer is we don’t. Most teens interact with social websites and share information about themselves and families that in turn hurts our identity. On November 2009 The United States Survey showed that 45 %   people stated that they felt like they had little to no control over the ”Personal Information” that   was available to other companies on them. This brings us to the following questions:

  1. What is Personal Identifiable Information?

  2. The best Protection for Identity.

Understanding Technology and the way it interlinks with our personal data will help us to quickly safe guard our self from further identity theft and from malicious companies attacking our privacy.

What Is Personal Identifiable Information?

A person’s privacy keeps them safe from all things that may harm them. Without [1]Privacy your identity will be open to every, and anyone to see. People are prone to sharing information whether or not they think that it is being done on purpose or that are not even aware of it happening.   Identity theft have been a growing problem...

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