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Infrasrtucture Essay

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During the 1990`s, Ireland experienced substantial growth in the computer, electronics sector with the arrival of major computer companies such as dell, gateway and Intel. As a result there was a significant increase in employment and exports with Ireland contributing to 5-6 % of global exports for computer electronics. Therefore for Ireland to have FDI is vital for the growth of the economy but also for the growth of the domestic industrial sector.

For Ireland to create an image of being competitive, it is important for the economic growth and development of the country. When we talk about physical infrastructure we think along the lines of road transport, public transport, railway, air transport and ports. In more recent times IT is considered as an infrastructure. The internet is the most proficient sector for the delivery of information which is cost effective and in some cases no cost. As quoted by Edward Gramlich “like other networks the internet significantly raised the productivity of each and every computer. The more internet users there are, the more valuable each internet connection and the more valuable the information can be disseminated over the internet. Thus, it seems likely that the synergies between innovations and computing and innovations in communications have yielded great benefits. And like the interstate highway system, the effects of the internet on productivity growth are likely to wane over time.

For any larger scale projects like the building of roads for example, a public – private partnership would be created. This can lead to many benefits with the private sector being more assertive and efficient, which giving enhanced services to the public. By having better roads in place will help greatly reduce road deaths and will greatly reduce time travel. The planning of infrastructure projects such as the road network, takes a lot of planning, if not planned correctly, can increase costs significantly. Resulting in...

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