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Innocence of Society Essay

  • Submitted by: zangi619
  • on February 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Innocence of Society" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Syed Kazmi
English 1302
Philonis, Stevenson

As the world is increasing in technology, it is also starting to rely that much more on devices that have easy access to the media including television, cell phones, and social networks and many more.   With the increase in reliability in media devices people believe many things with little to no evidence and this is shown on a regular basis as many stories change on a day to day basis. This is due to a simple fact that obviously many of these stories are simply either made up or don’t have much proof backing up their claims. According to Waxman article many polls have shown that Americans belief in the paranormal phenomena has been rising, after the television and film industry have been relying heavily on paranormal themed movies and shows. Just like many stories that are unreliable on media with zero evidence same thing goes with many of the paranormal phenomena. Although pseudoscience research might be backed with solid news sources, the legitimization of it cannot occur without the simultaneous de-valuation of science and reason.
In Shari’s article senior vice president of Travel Channel Steve Cheskin is questioned as to why the channel has leaned away from travel and adventure documentaries and moved towards paranormal-themed documentaries. His response was simple as “mystery” and “secrets” are good words that draw an audience. While mysteries of the unknown do draw in ratings, then science and reason will likely ruin that effect. This is the reason why many of these paranormal investigations are left unresolved and since it cannot be explained it must be inexplicable. Initially this is one way the de-valuation of science and reason comes into effect. Simply because they are unable to explain the mystery behind it and they don’t have anything to back up their claims of why these phenomena’s are taking place.
Although there might be some truth the fact that these ghosts or the paranormal exists maybe your...

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