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Internship Policy Summary

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Internship Policy
This Internship Policy is designed to capture the City’s desire and commitment to continue offering internships to bona fide students who are enrolled in a post high school program who seek future employment opportunities in the public sector and/or who seek practical experience within a specific field of study that is directly related to specific job opportunities the City offers.

Public Purpose of an internship program:
• To provide an opportunity to mentor future potential public sector leaders.
• To provide a mutually beneficial experience for the intern and the Employer.
• To accomplish City objectives that perhaps ordinarily would not be accomplished at all or would not be given the level of focused attention that could be achieved from an individual or individuals.

Definition of an Intern:
• An individual who is currently enrolled with a college or university that either requires a formal internship, or the college or university allows for some sort of practical experience under their direction whether a formal program or not.
• An individual who graduated from a post high school program, college or university within 6 months of starting as an intern with the City.
• Under certain circumstances, an individual may serve consecutively as an intern under both of the above scenarios.

• Internships have a start and end date not to exceed 6 months, typically considered a seasonal or temporary position. (may need to refer to PERA exclusions or inclusions)
• Administrative Interns working for the City Administrator may be approved to work up to 12 months with option to renew?

Compensation and Benefits:
• Depending on departmental budgets/funding sources and specific initiatives, interns may or may not be paid. If paid, they will be compensated according to the Intern Compensation Plan.
• Benefits may or may not be provided.

Work Parameters:
• The work to be performed by an intern does...

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