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Into the Fire Essay

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  • on February 20, 2013
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                                                                  Into the Fire
            In the non-fiction book, Into the Wild, McCandless shared antithetical views to London's dark naturalist themes, in the short story “To Build a Fire.”  McCandless went on an adventure in Alaska, but he also thought that he could prepare himself to beat the obstacles.  In London’s story, after the man endured a severe "beating" by the Yukon's extreme environment, it focuses on man's inability to conquer nature or animals' instinct.  Readers of both works can’t help but see the similarity between McCandless's harsh fate and "To Build a Fire” when the man dies in the cold, unforgiving Yukon.  Both men think that they will be different from others who have gone before them into the demanding obstacles of the outdoors and both met cruel deaths.
            The most compelling evidence of both stories was how McCandless and the man both die.  McCandless thought he could endure the Alaskan weather and other elements of Alaska, but he did not succeed.  Swasonine was the cause of McCandless death (Krakauer 194).  In the end of the book Chris wrote in his journal writing,” In weakest condition of life. Death looms as serious threat…”(Krakauer 195). If McCandless wasn’t alone his fate would of probably ended differently.   McCandless died on August 18, 1992 (Krakauer 199).  On the contrary, in the story to “Build a Fire” the man died alone like McCandless, but met his cruel death a different way.  The man didn’t listen to the old-timer of Sulphur Creek (London 7).  The old-timer told him not travel alone if it’s lower than 50 below zero (London 7).  When the man traveled it was 75 below zero (London 2).   Awhile the man was walking to his destination, his nose and cheek bones started to feel numb (London 3).   Later on, he was hopeless, if he had listened to the old-timer's advice he would of not died frozen to death.
Another key point was both men were greenhorns.   They both were...

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