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Iridology Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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Iridology: Essay
Define and describe the modality
 Give a brief history of the modality
 Briefly describe the philosophy underlying the modality
 How is the modality used in the 21st century
 How popular is it in the world and in Australia

As defined by Jackson (1993, p 9), “Iridology is the science of analysing the iris, in order to determine the condition of the organs and tissues of the body”. Iris analysis has been used for thousands of years in a variety of ways and is still widely used in many western countries, particularly Europe. This essay will explore Iridology’s foundations, history and philosophy as well as explore the use of iridology within today’s complementary and alternative medicine.
The basis of Iridology is not to cure specific illnesses, but rather to be used as a preventative tool for overall health. According to Jensen (1989, p. ) “the iris of the eye can show acute, sub-acute, chronic, and destructive stages in the body”. The iris can also show inherent weaknesses that can be treated or used to understand existing conditions (Jackson, 1993, p.
According to Jenson (1989, p 4) there are 90 areas of the iris that correspond to different areas of the body, including every organ, tissue, gland and system. Once these areas are understood, Iridology is then able to analyse the various marks, colours and signs to ”identify weaknesses or overactivity in the body so that future problems can be avoided (Priesnitz, 2003, p 8).
The exact reason why these marking appear in the eye at all is still being understood fully, however Jensen ( 1975, p. 17) summarises it as being directly related to the “rate of vibration or a nerve impulse that is carried to the brain area which registers a picture and transmitting it to the iris of the eye”.
While the principles of Iridology have been traced back as far as Barbarians (Duncan, 2007) the first written reference of iris markings was published in 1670 by Philippus Meyens (Jackson, 2003, p...

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