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It Is Important to Follow Fashion Essay

  • Submitted by: Quynhgiang1
  • on February 21, 2014
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Below is an essay on "It Is Important to Follow Fashion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is important to follow fashion. Do you agree?

      Modern society obviously leads human beings to various demands such as technologies, entertainments, and fashion is also in this line. Have you ever assumed that following fashion is of significance? It is my conviction that there is no need to pursue fashion because of wasting time and money and losing of identity.
      To begin with, many people who are interested in following fashion may waste too much time and money. For example, many women who love fashionable clothes tend to wonder when a new style is sold and then   try to spend much of their time shopping for new fashionable outfits. In addition, up-to-date products are quite dearly; therefore, fashion followers often have to pay a big amount of money for them. That is the reason why shopaholics can be lost themselves in over-expenditure and debt.
      Furthermore, it is a threat of losing identity which fans of fashion should carefully consider. More specifically, though each person has his own interests and characteristics, many people nowadays love to imitate their idols’ styles of brand-new clothes, shoes, accessories and make ups which are advertised by famous people or favorite actresses and actors. For example, many Vietnamese youngsters who love Korean actors and singers seem to change their hair and clothe styles regularly, they wear exactly the same as their idols without seeing that whether these styles suit their personality. The result is that these fans become someone else and not who truly they are.
      In contrast, the opponents of these above views may argue that updating fashion regularly gives people sense of belonging; however, fashion cannot be designed to suit everyone. That is to say, each person should choose the style which is fit in his own figure, condition and age instead of just following new fashion trends. For instance, you should not wear see-though and flowery dresses if you are in late sixties. If you do so,...

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