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Jakun Essay

  • Submitted by: lynntam
  • on February 21, 2013
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he Jakun are a group of native Malays who inhabit the southern section of the Malaysian peninsula. They are located primarily on the upper reaches of the Pahang and Johore Rivers. The geography of this region ranges from wet, swampy terrain to dense, tropical jungles. High humidity and seasonal monsoons characterize the climate.
The Jakun are lighter- skinned than the Negroid tribes of the area, but darker-skinned than the tribes of Asian descent. They are a short people with long, sloping foreheads and small faces. Although they are said to be mild and kind, they are also very shy.

Despite their dislike of outsiders, the Jakun interact quite frequently with the tribes and settlements around them. They trade with the Negroid and Chinese people of the area, and sometimes even intermarry with them. Still, the Jakun have managed to retain a unique culture of their own.

What are their lives like?
The Jakun are considered to be one of the most primitive tribes in the southern lowlands of Malaysia. They live a mainly nomadic lifestyle as roaming farmers, hunters, gatherers, and traders. In farming, they practice the "slash and burn" method of agriculture. This entails cutting down the tropical vegetation and burning it. In the resulting top soil, they plant their crops, usually rice or cassava. After a season or two, they then move to another piece of land and begin the same process all over again.

The Jakun hunt wild deer, pigs, snakes, monkeys, and fish. They use spears, traps, nets, and blow-pipes to catch their prey. In particular, the wooden blow-pipe is expertly made. An inner tube is precisely crafted and then enclosed in a larger tube. The dart is made from the rib of a palm branch and is sharpened to an exact caliber. The tip is then dipped in poison. With their blow-pipes, the Jakun can shoot with deadly accuracy from thirty yards away.

The Jakun trade with the surrounding peoples in order to get necessary or desired items. With the Chinese, they...

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  • Submitted by: lynntam
  • on February 21, 2013
  • Category: History
  • Length: 1,473 words
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