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Jetstream Aerospace 3 Essay

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Jetstream Aerospace is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative aviation products and services for the regional, business and amphibious aircraft markets.   These product lines encompass such internationally known and respected names as Thrifty regional jets and Luxuria business aircrafts.   Jetsream’s global workforce of over 20,500 associates delivered 532 aircrafts in 2009, generating over $9 Billion in sales and creating a remarkable $11.7 Billion order backlog.
The company also provides aftermarket support for its aircraft.   When an airplane breaks down or a critical part needs to be replaced, the clock begins ticking, eating valuable time and profits as aircrafts sits idle.   Therefore, Jetstream’s customers need fast response when an aftermarket service part is needed.   Speed, in many cases is more important than cost to the customers, who want their aircraft flying instead of sitting on the tarmac.  
Unfortunately, Jetstream has struggled to provide the level of delivery service demanded by its customers.   After a series of acquisitions, the company’s service parts business was fragmented and disjointed, resulting in declining service quality and a threat to customer loyalty.   Also, the customer base has become much more global meaning that the company has to quickly deliver service parts to nearly every region of the world.
The topic of aftermarket service received great attention during the quarterly update meeting of senior management.   Jetstream’s CEO opened the discussion with, “Folks, I’m getting pretty tired of answering emails and calls from our major customers about planes being grounded because $75 repair part was not in stock or could not be tracked during delivery.   We need to figure out this problem and fix it fast.   The goal is to regain our number one ranking in customer service by restoring market confidence in the Jetstream aftermarket support capabilities.   Now get busy!”
The brainstorming session among senior managers...

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