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John and the Sales Administrator Essay

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BA 251. Organizational Behavior
Case Study: John and the Sales Administrator

1. Point of View
The group will be taking the position of the CEO.

2. Problem Definition
A. Short Term Problem
• What must be done to settle the conflict between John and Ann?
B. Long-Term Problem
• How should the CEO address the company’s lack of synergy?

Organizational Chart

3. Areas for Consideration
A. Fish Bone Diagram

4. Assumptions
• The HR Department has not established clear processes and guidelines for communication.
o There is no venue for staff meetings where teams can raise their concerns.
o Most communication is being done over the phone rather than through written communication.
• The company hierarchy is not enforced, leaving opportunities for conflict to arise regarding power struggles.
• Operating procedures are not properly documented and is not being implemented.

5. Alternative Courses of Action
A. The CEO can take an active role by taking charge of the situation and performing the following steps:
• Set up individual meetings with the parties involved in the conflict (including John and Ann) in order to get more information and understand their side of the story.
• Initiate a team meeting to include both John and Ann. Discuss all issues raised and try to bridge the gap by resolving the key pain points between the parties. Remind the team that they must work with each other in order for the company to reach its goals. Each group has its own unique and critical role to play and no one team is above another.
• Hold sit down sessions with all departments to know how they’re doing and thresh out any issues/challenges they current have. Prepare a laundry list of items that need urgent attention as well as initiatives for future action.
• Supervise a planning session with management team to discuss the issues currently faced by the plant and create action plans to address them. It should be declared...

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