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Journal Article Review

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Journal Article Review

Terry Sims

Physical Science 210-B12
Professor M. Taylor
February 3, 2014

Journal Article Review
The journal article to be reviewed is titled, “The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century.”   This article was written by Dr. Terry Mortenson.   Upon reading the article, one will have an idea of the history of creation as it relates to both the Biblical view and the secular humanistic view.   One will also understand that the author makes what he believes to be valid points on both sides of the isle.   Finally, one will be able to make a better educated decision as to certain evidence as to why one may believe the way one does.
Brief Overview and Main Points:
The author’s main points are focused on the age of the earth as it directly relates to creation.   The article lists several notable scientists and goes into further detail as to how the scientists formulate the age of the earth.   As the title inferences, the article discusses the origin of old-earth geology and its ramifications for life in the 21st century.   The author’s purpose in writing the article was to discuss the numerous views in our world in reference to the age of the earth and how long it took for God or evolution to create the earth.
Article Strengths:
I believe the strengths of the article are the complex explanations of the author’s theories as to how geologists use the earth to date creation.   The authors are articulate and educated in geology.   Author Mortenson gives a clear view of how the opinions on the age of the earth have changed with time.   The article is well organized with the scientific theories of each person strictly detailed.   The article had very few noticeable grammatical errors.   When reading the conclusion, the reader is completely sure of how the author feels; the Earth was created by God as explained in the Bible.   He believes the Earth would be a much better...

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