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Jr & Lg Essay

  • Submitted by: shinola
  • on June 5, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Jr & Lg" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Transcript of chat show interview on Jonathan Ross Live with Lady Gaga following a performance by Lady Gaga of her song Brown Eyes

JR = Jonathan Ross   LG =Lady Gaga     A = member of audience
[   ] : contextual information
|     | :   overlapping speech
(.) :   micropause
(1) : pause with number of seconds indicated
emboldened words denote stress

[Lady Gaga walks onto stage and is greeted by Jonathan Ross who leads her round to the sofa]

JR:   hi there it’s Lady Gaga [audience cheering and clapping] mistress of the quick change (.) wow mind that step (1) that was fantastic (1)[inaudible] it’s Lady Gaga (.) doesn’t she look (.) spectacular [leads LG round to sofa]

A:   [shouts out] love you Gaga

JR:   wow you’ve got to love Gaga (.) you really do push the boat out congratulations on this [inaudible] tonight that actually isn’t a working telephone up there though is it
LG [lifts hand piece from “telephone” hat and talks into it] hello [JR laughs] hi Jonathan [laughs and turns to look at him] how are you

JR:   I’m very well (.) you don’t have to use the phone it’s OK (1) come on you cheeky minx look what we got you

LG:   thank you [turns to audience]
        | it’s so sweet isn’t it in my dressing room isn’t that nice   | [looks at JR and stops talking]

JR:   | we got you a new teacup to replace the old one isn’t that | nice of us ladies and gentlemen to replace the one that was stolen by me when she came on last time [LG laughs] um er look, what a great what an incredible year it’s been for you because when you were on last time I think people   (.) were coming to terms with who you are they were beginning to enjoy your music but you were sort of seen as a bit of an oddity (2) would that be fair do you think (.) background

LG: I guess so   |yeah|

JR:                     |OK   | and now I think they maybe came to wonder what all the fuss was all about and now they love what you do

LG: oh thank you thank you so much

JR:   It must be...

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