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Judging and Self-Condemnation Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Everybody has a set of moral guidelines and presumed judgments to criticize others’ behavior. However, put yourself into other’s shoes: in the same situation, what would you have done if you were him or her? Is there right or wrong? From the four films we watched, The Reader and Priest are both probing the matter of moral condemnation, obligation and right or wrong. This essay discusses how does the role of Hanna Schmitz from the Reader and Father Greg Pilkington from Priest brings out the dilemma between morality and obligation.
In The Reader, The main characters – Michael Greg and Hanna Schmitz– represent an analogy with the German generations where they both possess contracting feelings towards the holocaust. The Reader is not a Holocaust movie; instead, the historical event plays a role to portray and bring an understanding of the gap and misunderstanding among post-war German generations. The movie begins with Michael Berg flashing back to the summer when he was fifteen. He has a helpless crush on a woman who is in her 30s who is Hanna. Their age difference is stressed for a reason. Michael represents the generation after the holocaust while Hanna portrays the generation that was involved in and witnessed the tragedy of Nazi times. Michael does not know how to deal with the crime that Hanna commits, nor does he understand why she rather let 300 Jews die just to secure her job as a guard; while the younger generation could not understand why their parent’s generation could allow the atrocities happen. With the background set at the Nazi times, two characters show the contradicting feeling they each have; the movie especially want to offer us an understanding on what Hanna’s generation thinks and suffers.
The movie tactfully depicts and explains Hanna’s interlocking and contradicting feelings by her secrecy. In the transition of the movie from act 1 to act 2, Hanna gets the promotion to work in the office. She suddenly disappears from Michael’s life and she...

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