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Jung Personality Test Essay

  • Submitted by: jeanjr420
  • on February 18, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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The type of leadership skill that best fits me and my personality is the laissez-faire leadership style.   The word laissez-faire is a French phrase meaning “leave it be”.   It is a type of leadership style that allows group members to make their own decisions.   The group members will get very little guidance form leaders. They are provided with tools and resources needed, but the group members are expected to solve problems on their own. There are benefits and downsides of laissez-faire leadership.
Since I have a laissez-faire leadership skill, I will have to make sure that my group members are highly skilled, motivated, and capable of working on their own.   I use this skill with my friends and while I am playing a sport such as basketball or football.   When I am having a conversation with my friends or associate, we would discuss about a topic that will help us learn more about each other, ourselves and the world around us.   I would surround myself around people that are more intelligent than me.   We would talk about a topic and everybody is coming up with ideas that make sense. I can then gather information that I am learning from my friends or associate and relate to the ideas. As a group everybody is putting their skill to the challenge to come up with an explanation about the topic that we are discussing to come up with one answers.
When I am on the court I wouldn’t want to be the Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, I would rather be Dwyane Wade of the Heat.   The Miami Heat NBA team is surrounded with a lot of skillful players that have a very high I.Q. in the game of basketball.   The couch put them together as a team to perform an outstanding show for the viewers.   Kobe Bryant on the other hand, has a more challenging task to entertain his viewers and fans.   Because he has the highest I.Q. on his team and he doesn’t have a teammate that can perform to the level that Kobe play.   With that said, as I am playing on the court with my teammate, I expect...

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