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Kids and Video Games Essay

  • Submitted by: carn2186
  • on February 21, 2013
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Kids and Video Games
Video gaming has become a vast industry aimed at all ages, especially children.   Children are greatly affected by video games, both positive and negative.   Some games can cause violence, health problems, and mental deficiencies.   Other games can promote prosocial behavior, memory skills, and can be used in place of exercise.   The negative effects of video games on children greatly outweigh the positive ones.
Violence is a major role in today’s video games.   Whether it’s a game about being a soldier fighting in a war or a person from the future fighting zombies to survive, violence is everywhere in games.   Game violence is extremely graphic and includes such effects as blood splatter and severed limbs.   Some youth today think that it’s cool to see such things happen in a game.   In games, players are rewarded for committing acts of violence, i.e. advancing to the next level or unlocking special items.   This coupled with the positive reinforcement that some games give for violent acts is allowing children to believe that violence is okay.   First person shooter and role playing games where the child is directly controlling the character doing the violent acts are desensitizing them to violence.   Scientific studies on short term effects of video game violence have proven that playing violent games changes the way the player interprets and responds to aggressive acts.
Some studies show that violent behavior in some children is not caused by violent video games, but from a predisposition to violent tendencies. (Ferguson, 2011)   It is believed that these children are drawn to playing violent games as a result of their violent disposition.   It is also said that other children become less violent from playing violent video games because they use the games as a release for their anger instead of becoming aggressive with someone else.   Data collected from the Bureau of Justice Statistics and Entertainment Software Association shows that between 1996...

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