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Kinship Essay

  • Submitted by: IshitaSharma
  • on February 27, 2014
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Concept of Kinship

  Every individual in society is a kin and has a kin.  Kinship is based on the recognition and implementation of relationship resulting from descent and marriage. Kinship provides Biological reference: blood relatives or through marriage. Linguistic reference:   kinship term, Behavioral reference:   social role.
  Kinship system although based on biology, constructed by each culture and is Important in all societies and has been the central organizing principle in pre-industrial societies
  Kinship is both voluntary and involuntary plays an important role in the socio-cultural life of people.  Several kinds of kinships are recognized.
  What is kinship?
    • It is a sense of being related to another person(s), Set by rules (sometimes laws) and is Often taken for granted as being “natural” rather than cultural.
    • Includes relationships through blood and through marriage. Provides continuity between generations. Defines a group on whom a person can rely for aid.
  According to Robin Fox: Kinship is simply a relation between kin that is putative or fictive and consanguine

      Principles of Classifying Kin

    • Generation
    • Relative age
    • Lineality vs. Collaterality
    • Gender
    • Consanguineal vs. Affinal kin
    • Sex of linking relative
      Side of the family

Forms of Kinship:

A consanguine kin is one related through blood ties and an affinal kin is related through marriage.

A lineal kin is one related by a direct line of descent as father, father’s father, son and son's son.

Degrees of Kinship

A primary kin belongs to the nuclear family and includes father, mother, brother and sister in the family of orientation and husband, wife, son and daughter in the family of procreation.

A secondary kin is the primary kin of ego's primary kin and in this thirty three kinds are recognized.  The members are related to the father on one hand and the mother on the other.

The tertiary kin...

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