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Kodak vs. Fujui Essay

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Kodak and Fujifilm
Barbara Manley
Professor May

Eastman Kodak put the first camera in the hands of consumers back in 1888. It is said that he made a would be difficult and complicated process easy to use and accessible to nearly every human. Kodak known for its motto” You press the button, we do the rest”. Since then Eastman Kodak Company has been the leader in the photography industry. They are no longer known just for photography, but now for images used in all kinds of ways, like commercials, entertainment world, and many scientific applications and programs. Kodak has reaches technology arenas to combine images and information which have changed how we as people and businesses communicate.
Fujifilm was founded in 1934 as a photographic film manufacturer. Over the next 10 years the company was able to achieve domestic productions in photographic films, motion pictures, and x-ray films. In the early 1940’s Fujifilm entered into the world of optical glasses, lenses, and the equipment markets. Then in the 1950’s they reached overseas to build sales bases, something their rival Kodak was unable to do successfully. Which lead to Kodak filing a petition with the U.S. Commerce Department under section 301 of the Commerce Act. The petition was later rejected by the Commerce Department.
While Eastman Kodak is a flawless   picture –perfect example, it built their first digital cameras in 1975, which was later followed by the development of smartphones that can act as cameras, this has battered Kodak’s old film and camera making business to near death. Back then Kodak would be known as the Google of its day. Kodak back in the year of 1976 accounted for 90% of film and over 85% of camera sales. That’s when digital photography came to replace film, Kodak management wasn’t prepared for this, and Kodak in turn took a major hit which was sending the company downhill fast. The rumors began to surface...

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