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Laddering Technique Essay

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Assignment#1: Laddering techniques
Original question 1: Why are you going to graduate business School of Hofstra University in the U.S.A?
Answer 1: The main reason of going to graduate business school of Hofstra in the U.S is that I would like to have a total change of myself after staying in a total different country.
Question 2: Why do you want to have a total change of yourself?
Answer 2: Because if I kept staying in China and building my career there, I would probably need to rely on connections and power from my parents. Even if I could be independent, I would probably not have a good opportunity for my career at the beginning.
Question3: Why do you think there will be some opportunities in the U.S.A?
Answer 3:   Since America is still the comparatively strongest in economy, I would like to learn some advanced knowledge regarding to my major and have a further look at the differences of Chinese between American marketing areas.
Question 4: Why do you want to learn advanced knowledge and take a further look at the market differences?
Answer 4: Since I have chosen master of marketing as my degree and major, I believe that it is very necessary for the students in marketing major to know what is happening in marketing area and what marketing trend will be in the next couple of years in this world.
Question 5: As you want to learn something in the U.S, what made you choose Hofstra University as your final choice?
Answer 5: Hofstra is close to the New York City, so I guess I can achieve the most developed and nearest knowledge and information from this developed city. On the other hand, this school is pretty cool, and all the teachers and resource of school are good enough for me to use.
Quesiton6: You have mentioned that you want to learn knowledge and to broaden your horizon in Hofstra graduate business school, why do you want these knowledge and information for?
Answer 6: From the perspective of my career path, mastering the knowledge and information...

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