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Language Learning Strategies Essay

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  • on June 2, 2014
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Bożena Frątczak
Introduction to SLA
Group II English with business
Main Task: Language Learning Strategies

  I am writing this essay to present language learning strategies (LLS).
  Nowadays, people feel a desire to gain knowledge, learn new languages so they can easily travel around the world. Students of foregin language use different language learning strategies either conciously or unconsciously when studyind and processing new information about a particular language. Some of them might be automatic and natural while some might be learned and practised. Everything depends on one’s indiviual learning style .The term ‘language learning strategy’ has been defined by many researchers. Richards and Platt (1992:209) state that learning strategies are "intentional behavior and thoughts used by learners during learning so as to better help them understand, learn, or remember new information.".
  Language Learning Strategies have been classified by many scholars but all of them are more or less the same categorisation of LLS without visible changes.
  Following Oxford’s classification of language learning strategies there is a bright categorisation into two groups: direct and indirect which are further subdivided into 6 groups. Direct methods are memory, cognitive and compnsation strategies which includes creating mental linkages, practising and reasoning, guessing intelligently etc.
Indirect methods are more complicated: metacognitive strategies (centering your learning, arranging and planning your learning and evaluating your learning), affective strategies (lowering your anxiety, encouraging yourself, taking your emotional temperature) and social strategies (asking questions, cooperating with others).
  O'Malley divide language learning strategies into three main subcategories: metacognitive, cognitive and socioaffective strategies. Metacognitive strategies require planning for learning, thinking about the learning process, monitoring of one's...

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