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Larry Page at Google Essay

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CEO of Google Larry Page

Joseph Poinke
Bus 520 Leadership and Organizational
March 9, 2014

Larry Page the CEO of Google was born in Michigan on March 26, 1973. Both mother and father were well known computer experts. So many can say well it is no wonder he   would go on to continue his parents legacy and attend   University of Michigan to study computer engineering and later attended Stanford University to receive his Master in computer sciences. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree and engineering he would later meet Sergey Brin.   Together they develop a search engine that would list results according to popular pages that was searched. This would be known as Google in 1998 after the” mathematical term “googol” which refers to No. 1 followed by 100 zeros”. When Page and Brin incorporated Google as a privately held company they would have to relocate to a friend of Larry Page garage in Menlo Park, California.   The word would quickly spread that they have created a new type of technology that was far more advance then the existing search engine technology.  
Larry Page leadership style is becoming more clearly over time, many managers and other CEO’s can learn from Mr. Page. Page would encourage his team to show a willingness to take surprisingly bold risk that can make a difference in how the world would change. The idea of downloading the entire web and keeping the links together was looked at as impossible by others. Page on the other hand was very much into his work through his leadership skills. Page leadership skills would incorporate many steps   that can be used worldwide. Page is able to build a team and avoid bureaucracy by always being involved in the hiring process at Google.   While Page still continues to look for talented graduates to join Google at the same time Page is cutting and reassigning middle management because he does not necessarily believe in traditional management. Page is quick and concise he proud his staff and employees...

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