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Leadership Essay

  • Submitted by: lele4u
  • on February 20, 2013
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Aleah Garrick
Dr. Lowe
English 1102- Major paper # 1
February 4, 2013
  I Have All A’s, What’s Missing?
In the lecture of William Deresiewicz, “Leadership and Solitude”, he introduces two entities: solitude and leadership. He explains that one necessarily cannot function without the other and it is what America is lacking. Deresiewicz’s purpose in composing this lecture is to spark the attention of not just West Point but to other readers at high ended colleges. He then states to the college population that they were not being taught or were not consuming the correct skills to have leadership. His main goal is to change the way people handle themselves such as their decision making and standing out from everyone else.
To start, the audience is an English class at West Point which he says is a bright group of students that could possess leadership, but to have that they need solitude or concentration in order to find themselves to be a leader. As he mentions about Facebook , Twitter and YouTube, Deresiewicz states “…and just so you don’t think this is a generational thing, TV and radio and magazines and even newspapers, too – are all ultimately just elaborate excuse to run away from yourself.”(32) Here he uses specific timely cues so that the audience of young college students will know by familiar example what he means by distraction, and, as Deresiewicz highlights examples, the students simultaneously know that distraction is a larger human issue. If one does not notice a problem that needs to be fixed then there will be no intervention.
Furthermore, the tone of this lecture was impassioned and   mind-numbing because when speaking to the plebes of any university there will be that feeling of astonishment from those who make the superior grades or at the top of the class that feel that they are leaders, but to hear that they don’t show leadership would kind of upsetting to them. Also, Deresiewicz has this chutzpah personality about him that he shows...

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