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Leadership Essay

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What is leadership?
Gary Yulk (2009) defines leadership as “the method of influencing others to understand and be in acquiescent about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating person and coalesced strenuous exertion to accomplish joint objectives”. Peter Northouse (2007) defines leadership as a process whereby to reach a prevalent goal, an person need to influences a group of individuals. These definitions suggest a number of components essential to the phenomenon leadership.
Some of them are as follow:
(a) Leadership is a course of action,
(b) Leadership involves influencing others,
(c) Leadership still occur within the context of a group,
(d) Leadership involves goal procurement, and these goals are shared by bellwethers and their adherents.
The very act of defining leadership as a process propose that leadership is not a feature or mannerism with which only a few, certain people are capable with at birth. Defining leadership as a course of action betokens that leadership is a transactional occurrence that transpires between bellwethers and their adherents. Viewing leadership as a process betokens that bellwethers affect and are affected by their adherents either positively or negatively. It stresses that leadership is a two-way, interactive event between bellwethers and adherents rather than a linear, one-way event in which the bellwether only affects the adherents. Leadership is about influence- the ability to influence the subordinates, peers and others in a work or organizational context. Without influence, it is infeasible to be a bellwether. Of course, having influence designates that there is a more preponderant need on the component of bellwethers to exercise their influence ethically. Leadership operates in groups. This designates that leadership is about influencing a group of people who are engaged in a mundane goal or purport.
Leadership additionally is the...

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