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Leadership and Direction Essay

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Leadership and Direction

    As a leader, directional skills are essential because they allow you to make goals, plans, and problem solve within your organization. In the article “Leadership and Direction”, Don Clark explains how to create and execute a plan for direction. Leaders must have a vision and a plan of action before they are able to guide their organization to the top.
Plan, Do, Check, and Act

    Dr. Walter Shewhart developed the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Cycle as a plan of action used for creating processes and products. Often called the Shewhart Cycle or the Deming Wheel, it is a four-step method that uses direction and control to execute and provide an iterative process for continuous improvement. To complete the cycle correctly, all members of the team must work together (Clark, 1997).   Leaders should be able to unite their organization to work together as a well-oiled team. Although it sounds simple, it's not always the case (2014).

    A good plan always starts with brainstorming. Brainstorming is a process for developing creative solutions to problems. It works by focusing on a problem, and then deliberately coming up with as many solutions as possible and by pushing the ideas as far as possible (Clark, 1997). A brainstorming session should include everyone who is involved with the project. It allows everyone to be come up with the best ideas and be part of the solution.

    Two key questions should be asked while planning a project to ensure its success. What are all the ingredients necessary for its successful execution and what are all the possible forces or events that could hinder or destroy it? The team should look at the big picture, then plan all tasks, conditions, and details in a logical sequence to make it happen. They must also try to think of all the possible forces that could hinder or destroy the project. Activities will come easily to the mind once the process of building the project has begun (Clark, 1997)....

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