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Leadership Teams Essay

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  • on June 2, 2014
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The Continuous Improvement Planning is a process of change and school organization. It
is a set of operational activities that outlines the targets, actions, and resources for effective
teaching and learning. The purpose of the continuous planning is for leaders to focus on
establishing priorities and how to better serve the needs of students. The ongoing action plans are
usually academic performance goals, plans for the school building, financial plans, and
community involvement. It requires that all stakeholders are included to be successful. The
Continuous Improvement Plan must also focus on ensuring that the curriculum reflects high
standards for learning (Lindahl & Beach, 2013). Leaders that have a continuous plan in place can
move forward to reach their highest potential. This essay will reflect a reviewed Continuous
Improvement Plan and will explain the direction a new plan could follow.
In the Continuous Improvement Plan that was reviewed, there is evidence of the action
planning steps are present. The strategies are listed and explained. The timeline start/end dates,
people responsible, estimated costs, funding sources, and implementation indicators are outlined.
The action plans are used in the school community and lists the accomplishments and challenges
from implementing the improvement plan. One of the accomplishments for the school is a
reward for ESEA Performance. The evidence is a score of “A” or “B” on ESEA grades, 50% or
higher free/reduced lunch count, and no significant achievement gaps. The second recent
accomplishment is increased scores in reading, social studies, and math. The evidence of this
includes that social studies increased from 50% to 85%, reading scores increased from 63% to
76.3%, and math scores increased from 60% to 63.8%. The challenges to the Continuous
Improvement Plan were that more than 50% of the students were not met in science and the lack
of parental involvement...

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